CED7000A Airsoft Timer

Availability: Discontinued
SKU: CED 7000A 027070

The first of its kind, the CED7000A Airsoft Timer is a «sound-activated» timer designed to record the sound of shots fired from 96+% of Airsoft brands on the market. Ideal for training, the CED7000 Airsoft Timer has all the features of its big brother (CED7000), but includes a softer buzzer sound and a more sensitive microphone. Now, practice like the real professionals do! Perfect for club competitions, groups or individuals who wish to practice at home! (The CED7000 Airsoft timer is NOT designed for live fire use).
Available in standard or RF models. The RF model allows transmission of time and data to a CED BigBoard Display or the CED Time Keeper. For more details on this function please refer to either the CED BigBoard Display or the CED Time Keeper product section.

RF FREQUENCY LAWS - IMPORTANT: North American laws governing RF frequency transmissions differ from those in Europe and Africa and as a result of this, the RF frequency allowed for use in these regions is different. All CED7000A AIRSOFT RF Timers, CED Time Keepers and CED BigBoard Displays sold in North America are sold with 314 MHz frequency chips. Those sold in Europe come with 434 MHz. These two frequencies are NOT compatible and they will not allow proper transmission when mixed.

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Please pay attention that Original Russian items could have some minor dents/painting defects due to the transportation issues.

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