DAA Racer Pouch Magnet Kit

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The DAA Racer Pouch Magnet Kit includes the parts you will need to attach the DAA magnet to your DAA Racer pouch. This includes:

  1. DAA large magnet
  2. Stainless steel M5 10mm screw
  3. Brass thermal insert M5 nut, 6mm long
You will require:
  1. A drill and bit of 6.3-6.5mm
  2. A soldering iron to heat the nut and push it through
  3. A file and some sandpaper to clean the plastic on the inside of the pouch
  1. Dismantle your pouch body, and remove the side insert for easier access.
  2. Decide on where you want to position the magnet, and drill a 6.3-6.5 mm hole through the pouch wall.
  3. Push the insert into the hole, from the inside of the pouch, you will be able to get just the tip of the insert into the hole.
  4. Using the tip of a hot soldering iron, push on the insert gently until it heats up enough and starts to sink into the plastic. Use a light-hand and be patient! Do not push it through too hard or too fast, you do not want it going all the way through the side wall of the pouch. Push the nut through until it’s tail is flush with the inside of the pouch. It will protrude out on the outside about 3mm.
  5. Using a file and/or some sand paper, clean off any plastic residue you may have around the edge of the insert on the inside, so that it does not interfere with the magazine in the pouch.
  6. Attach your magnet to the pouch using the supplied screw. You can use a drop of locktite to prevent the screw from coming loose.
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