Taylor Freelance Walther PPQ/ Q5 Match 140mm +6 Base Pad

Taylor Freelance Walther PPQ/ Q5 Match photo
Availability: In stock
Caliber: 9x19, .40
Compatibility: Walther PPQ, Walther Q5 Match
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Make your Walther PPQ into a 3-Gun-Competitive machine!

Taylor Freelance's new +6 for the PPQ extends your mags out to the maximum allowed in 3-Gun and USPSA Limited -- giving you 21+1 instead of the stock 15. If you shoot a .40, our extension gives you +4+ to +5, for 16 or 17+1.

Custom Wolff springs add feed power for reliability, and the recently-upgraded quick-release locking plate gives a balance of retention and easy cleaning.

For those of you familiar with our +5 for the HK P30/VP9, this is a similar, but longer part.

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Please pay attention that Original Russian items could have some minor dents/painting defects due to the transportation issues.

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