Really Effective Classic Design Russian AK Goodies
Authentic Molot Illyin GK-01, GK-02, GK-03
Dissident Arms Phoenix
Bad Boy Gunz V6
Carolina Shooters Supply American GK-01 clone
OEM Vepr-12 Mags are back again! 
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Sep 19, 2017
Finally, the power is back on, the roads are cleared and the post office is open! Thank you for you patience and for thinking of us during the Hurricane Irma We are open, and the orders are shipped on the regular basis.
We are preparing for the evacuation due to the Hurricane Irma which will cause some shipping delays Thank you for understanding and God Bless
Zhukov Vepr-12 Handguards now in stock! All the colors are available! Zhukov stock adapters are coming soon!
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May 27, 2017
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Brand: SGM Tactical

Really effective classic design Russian goodies

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Apr 16, 2017